What is multigenerational living? This community is a great case study.

Located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, Lake Naomi Club is the only Platinum Club of America, 5-star rated, private family resort destination in the Northeast. With all that it has to offer—Pennsylvania’s top-rated tennis complex, two Olympic-sized outdoor pools, boating and fishing on one of the largest private lakes in the Poconos, a sailing program, a multifaceted community center, and a wide range of planned activities for kids and teens—it’s easy to see why.

But Lake Naomi’s allure goes beyond its phenomenal amenities. It is that rarest of Shangri-Las—a place where multiple generations come together to build memories, sharing experiences that they will pass along to their children… who, in turn, will return to Lake Naomi Club when they have little ones of their own.

There's room for everyone at the 5-star Lake Naomi Club.

“My family first brought me up there as a young child in 1984,” says Lake Naomi Club homeowner and member Andrew (Andy) Bacon. “When I was in second grade, that was my first year there. From my perspective, what’s great about it is a number of folks we’ve known for a lifetime, much like family. It’s very much a community where the kids know the grandparents, the parents, and each other.”
A competitive person by nature, Andy is very much into the sailing program. His son is now six, and has begun sailing at Lake Naomi Club as well. “When I was a kid, up until when I was in high school, we went up there every summer. We’d pack the car and leave New York City,” Andy says. He attended college at Old Dominion University in Virginia Beach, a further distance from Lake Naomi, and so didn’t have much of a chance to visit until his mid-twenties—though his sister went to a local Pennsylvania university and spent a lot of time at the Club. “When I came back after having been away for years, it was like I never left from a friends and family perspective.”

Andy’s parents own a house at Lake Naomi Club, and five years ago, Andy and his wife purchased one as well. “I do the same thing I did as a kid. We leave July 1 and return home September 1, spending two months up there,” Andy says. Luckily for Andy, his job is flexible. He works for a technology integrator, so all he needs is Internet access to get his work done—giving him the freedom to spend time with his son, Jake. Andy’s daughter, Mary, is just nine months old, so she hasn’t had the opportunity to experience many aspects of the Club yet—but Jake definitely has favorite activities.

The Lake Naomi Club's 5-star lifestyle is written between all the lines.

“He really likes the camp program they have there. It’s fantastic,” Andy says, referring to Lake Naomi’s Kids Klub. “He likes the golf course they installed a few years back, a little driving range where you hit balls into floating islands in the pond. He loves going to the lake and the pool, likes the freedom, loves taking the bus to camp, loves seeing his friends. The group of friends that my wife and I are friends with have kids as well, so we all come together.”

Another benefit of homeownership at Lake Naomi Club is the shared sense of responsibility. “It takes a village to raise the kids. If I’m sailing and they’re hanging out—if there’s 10-12 kids, as long as there’s one adult, everyone keeps an eye out for what’s going on. There’s definitely a feeling of family with the folks that are there.”
The active lifestyle at Lake Naomi Club exists in sharp contrast to the way many children spend their summers—glued in front of a screen. A friend of Andy’s at the Club has two daughters. After eight o’clock one summer evening, the girls came inside after a long day of having fun. They wanted to do something different, and one of the two suggested they play video games. “They said, ‘We haven’t played video games all summer,’” Andy says.

Ready, set, sail!

For Andy, the multigenerational element of Lake Naomi Club is deeply connected to the sports activities that the Club offers. “I can very vividly remember playing golf with my grandfather, with my father, now with my son. It’s the same with sailing, the same with swimming. The sharing of that sport activity, whether it be sailing, golf, tennis, whatever it happens to be—the life sports and community sports aspect is really what makes the multigenerational piece stick. It’s not like you’re just sitting around the house on the weekends. You’re integrating your life with your parents and with your kids.”



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