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50+ Paddleboarding

50+ Paddleboarding

To many it is a sanctuary, the most wonderfully versatile piece of recreational equipment ever conceived. A thing that allows you to close your eyes and connect to the ancient swells and rhythms of the sea. A thing that can silently transport you to secret coves and...

Put Some Spring in Your Step

Prior to invention of the office, automobile, and Lazy Boy recliner, walking was the most basic form of human exercise. It is not surprising that study after peer reviewed study has shown that our modern lack of locomotion has a negative effect on muscles, joints, and synapses, shrinking our blood vessels and

West Villages Florida | Move Closer Together

How to Travel Carefree During Retirement

So, you booked a trip to sip wines in Bordeaux, catch some rays in the Caribbean, or cruise down the Danube in style. You undoubtedly spent hours perfecting your itinerary and packing list, and now youre counting down the days until your big adventure. But before you zip up your suitcase and head out the

Grand Highlands Southern Hills

Bites and Sips to Make You Flip Your Lids

Slam Dunk Summer Cocktails and Concoctions It’s that glorious time of year where salty breezes, tank tops, and open-toed shoes signify one thing: “before it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” season is upon us. The temperatures are rising and the golden sun is shining so treat...

Leadership in Retirement

Putting Hard-Earned Skills to Work at Keowee Key  Keowee Key isn’t your typical community—and it doesn’t attract typical folks. Located on a gorgeous lake in the South Carolina foothills, 45-year-old Keowee Key has many of the amenities you’d associate with a...

On the Move   | Viridian

On the Move - In Your Element at Viridian, TX by Kim Henry Approaching retirement often means a move is on the horizon. Many want to be closer to the grandkids, enjoy easy access to a range of amenities, or soak up year-round sunshine. For Melton and Linda Graham, it...

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The Powerful Perks of Pets

Fur, scales, feathers, fins, or shells: no matter the shape, size, or species, owning a pet confers important health benefits. By sheer number, fish are the most common pet in the United States, followed by cats, dogs, birds, small animals (think hamsters, mice, and...

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