Active adult living can be optimal.

“Too many people, when they get old, think that they
have to live by the calendar.”
— John Glenn (1921-)

Fitness at On Top of the World is the focus. Age should not define you, and the homeowners at On Top of the World (OTOW) certainly don’t let it define their fitness.

“I start off every conversation with:’We’re just going to throw out the window the age you think you are. It doesn’t matter. Tell me what you can do, what you like to do, and what you want to do. Now I can create an exercise program for you,” says Cammy Dennis, Fitness Director at OTOW’s Recreation Center and The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa. “It is so empowering. It profoundly changes lives.”

Fitness By Design

At OTOW, they have a contemporary view of aging and have developed a program called ‘optimal aging.’ Cammy says, “We’d like for everyone to shift their opinion a little bit by discrediting their chronological age and focusing on their capabilities—what they can do and what they want to do. We are about staying engaged in life and exercise should be a part of that.”

“We do not subscribe to the notion that there is one program for 55 and older. The paradigm of retirement is shifting. People have encore careers, are retiring later, and moving in younger so we must have programming available more frequently.”

Need was so great at OTOW that they recently opened a second fitness center for their residents, in addition to their three fitness parks. On the cutting edge, they offer Fitness On Demand™, a market-leading delivery platform of virtual fitness, where the residents can choose their own fitness programs. The brand new fitness room contains two 70-inch screens, and outside is an iPad where you can scroll down a list of classes and choose what you want.

World Class Active Aging

They still have three live classes every morning with instructors, as well as scheduled classes through Fitness On Demand™. If it is open, you can choose a class or you can even reserve the room for a regular class. It’s very flexible.

The fitness professionals at OTOW are working on their own channel for Fitness On Demand™ called “World Class Active Aging,” so others in the world can take advantage of their expertise with active adults.

Older adults need to find that “Fun Factor.” It’s vitally important to connect with fun and enjoyment. Before they retire, people are concentrating on work and family, and don’t focus on themselves. It’s never too late to turn this around.

Fitness is top priority at On Top of the World

Education is Key

“When you are sedentary and aging, you can exacerbate your muscle loss, start losing muscular endurance and strength, and confidence. Your fall-risk goes up, so you start reducing your activity because you are afraid of falling and you continue on a downward spiral. We take strides to educate our residents,” says Cammy.

“Regular physical activity cannot only stave off chronic disease, but in a lot of cases can almost reverse the aging process, because you gain muscle. When you age you naturally lose muscle, it’s a natural process called sarcopenia. But we can regain muscle our entire life, resetting that chronological age.”

Food for Life

Donald Dormstetter, a 76-year-old OTOW resident, can attest to resetting that chronological age. “In November of 2016, I had a heart attack, and had to go to rehab. I took one of Cammy’s courses for 12 weeks called “Food for Life,” which taught about nutrition and exercise. Since then I have lost 50 pounds and am still going.” His routine includes 40 to 45 minutes of cardio every day and then adds strength training three days a week either at the Power Park, an outdoor fitness park with outdoor machines, or at the Arbor Club (the new fitness club that opened in March).

Linda Ford’s voicemail says, “I’m either working, working out, or shopping…” She’s the perfect person to help others get excited about their fitness. According to Linda, “The new gym is like a resort. The people are phenomenal.”

Octogenarians are both physically and emotionally strong, and that’s what the fitness professionals at OTOW encourage their residents to be.

At OTOW’s “Master the Possibilities Lifelong Learning Campus,” Cammy conducts a lot of wellness training. “From there, I can gain their trust and help them find their success.”

Everyday Activities

As adults age, balance may begin to falter, so OTOW provides free balance assessments every week for older adults that consist of 15 minutes with a personal trainer. They also have Balanced Body classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cammy also says, “We have a fall risk reduction class to improve and maintain strength. We practice with and train the systems that govern the body: the visual, vestibular, and sensory systems, and rehearse and learn functional movement patterns.”

“If you’re bored at OTOW, it’s your own fault,” finishes Donald.

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