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2019 Events Glen Lakes Club Grand Ballroom

Among the featured 2019 events in the Glen Lakes Club Grand Ballroom will be the International Night Dinner with a French cuisine buffet (Jan. 9), Valentines Day Dinner Dance with Louie Fortunato (Feb. 14), and Low Country Boil Buffet with music by Alabama Rain (March 20).

Hot Springs Village Pickleball

The DeSoto Recreational Center has taken pickleball to a new level. The new pickleball courts were christened at the grand-opening ceremony on October 5, 2018. The site features 14 courts (seven lighted) for the 200+ members of the Pickleball Club, which offers a free introductory lesson, weekly clinics, open play, community

Making Connections, Breaking Barriers

Ever since the popularity of golf spiked in the 1990s, there have been more women on the fairways and greens than ever before. Many women who took up the game then now find themselves enjoying the bliss of grandparenthood and a more relaxed schedule with full-time employment behind them.

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Desert Mountain’s 7th Golf Course | Scottsdale, AZ

Opening in Spring 2019, Seven Desert Mountain (Desert Mountains 7th golf course) is an exclusive, new luxury residential golf community that will have you re-imagine the way you think of golf community living. Up to 190 modern, luxury homes, most right on the course, feature picturesque views of the surrounding

Dance Like No One’s Watching

If the gym is not your first preference, but you value an active lifestyle, have no fear; theres an increasingly popular alternative—dancing! Tone up, build stamina, and have fun while you are doing it. This growing trend has inspired a majority of communities to include all kinds of movement-based classes to

The Powerful Perks of Pets

Fur, scales, feathers, fins, or shells: no matter the shape, size, or species, owning a pet confers important health benefits. By sheer number, fish are the most common pet in the United States, followed by cats, dogs, birds, small animals (think hamsters, mice, and...

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Southwest Colorado: Channel Your Inner Green Chile

Adding a punch of color and flavor to everything it touches, green verde is a quintessential food in Colorado. Burgers, salads, tacos — you name it — there’s a good chance you can find it with green chile on top.
Depending on who you ask, theres a level of kitschiness that accompanies the Colorado green chile craze

Dataw Island Named 2018 Club of the Year

Since 2013, the South Carolina Golf Association SCGA has bestowed this coveted award annually in recognition of clubs that are committed to growing the game through amateur golf by hosting championships, seminars, and charity events.

What Do Water Skiing, Oprah and Root Beer Have in Common?

The states name derives from the Ojibwa tribe word “messipi” meaning “great river.” On a Mississippi hunting expedition in 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a captured bear, resulting in a political cartoon that inspired the first “teddy bear.”

Featured ideal-LIVING Communities

Retire Arkansas

Retire Arkansas

Little Rock, AR



Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Hot Springs Village, AR

Montesa at Gold Canyon

Montesa at Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon, AZ

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