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There’s More to Las Vegas …It’s Henderson, NV

Henderson is everything Las Vegas is not. No strip, very few neon lights, little street noise, and a heavy focus on outdoor adventure.
Las Vegas is the neon sign that spells out everything not many of us get to see or do more than once or twice in a lifetime…unless of course, we’re in Las Vegas. While having access to this full-time may be appealing to some, most who love a few days and nights perusing the strip probably also appreciate a bit of distance from it.

Venture Out Interview The Bluffs

  Wilmington, NC The Bluffs on the Cape Fear Bill & Lisa Clodfelter “Three years ago in August of 2016 we sold our home just north of Greensboro, NC and moved to The Bluffs on the Cape Fear in Wilmington, North Carolina. At first we kept working and would...

Blue Ridge Bound

Crisp summer nights under an endless shimmering sky and dips by day beneath cascading waterfalls after long treks are, as with most mountain trips, Blue Ridge vacation essentials. But, wait. This is western North Carolina – home of Hendersonville, Asheville, The Blue Ridge Parkway, Chimney Rock, Triple Falls, world-famous state parks, apple orchards, wineries, and breweries. And, as of 2018, it’s home to four…

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The Good Life: A Summer Party

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Bites and spirits to charm your new community By Fanny Slater             Gone are the days of dropping off a casserole to get a good peek at your new neighbors. Nothing brings strangers together like a nosh...

Footprints  | Use Solar Systems in 2019

  SOLAR SYSTEMS 2019 How They Work and How Much They Cost This is an especially good year to consider upgrading with a residential solar-power system for two reasons: the cost has never been lower and the 30% federal tax credit starts to disappear in 2020....

The Foolproof Way to Stay Social

Social Interaction is Good For Your Health Consistent social interaction is yet another requirement to ensure good health and a long, vibrant life. But for some, this is easier said than done. Berkeley, Mayo Clinic, and the National Institute on Aging (among others)...

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2018 Ideal Cottage Sold | Red Ledges, Utah

The Ideal Living Cottage at Red Ledges that was featured in the Fall 2018 edition of ideal-LIVING magazine proved to be an irresistible offering. Designed by Kevin Price, built by Red Ledges Construction, and furnished by Alder and Tweed, the 3,269-square-foot residence with superb outdoor-living spaces was sold to

In the Garden | River Bluffs in Wilmington, NC

Farms are rarely spotted on planned community amenities lists, but when they are, they change the game completely. River Bluffs, just outside of Wilmington, NC, is anything but a typical planned community. While many developments begin with clear-cutting, and acquiring as much property as possible to

Escape the Cold Road Trip | 2019 Southeastern Events

Escape the cold with a road trip to one of these Southeastern community events. From Charleston, Savannah and on down to St. Augustine, you can hop from one event to the next for the discovery trip you’ve dreamed of.

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